The Orb – The BBC Sessions 1989-2001

by · October 19, 2008

NEW RELEASE: The Orb – The BBC Sessions 1991-2001. Despite me having the Strange Fruit Peel Session CD from 1991 in my Orb-Collection, this new repackaged and remastered 2CD offering has brought together a large slice of the Orb’s BBC sessions into one easy to listen package.

I might be a little cynical about The Orb these days, hey! Deluxe versions of U.f.Orb, Adventures Beyond… Cydonia and Orblivion, same music in a new plastic box, all about the money? I am a hardcore fan of Orb and i crave for some new fresh music from the Orb! Let’s turn back time some 10 years Alex and Kris with some talented producers like Youth and Lewis… Those were the times! They made music that blew you hair back! Only wishful thinking from my side.

I guess I’ll be picking up this CD eventually when it hits my face in some store, but it’s not one of those rare Orb CD that you go turning the internet upside-down to find [...]


The BBC Sessions 1989-2001 Disc 1

1. A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (Loving You) [John Peel Session 3/12/1989]
2. Back Side Of The Moon [John Peel Session 3/12/1989]
3. Into The Fourth Dimension [John Peel Session 3/12/1989]
4. O.O.B.E. [John Peel Sessions 12/5/1992]
5. No Fun [John Peel Sessions 12/5/1992]
6. Once More [The Evening Session: 1/3/2001]
7. I Am The Red Worm [The Evening Session: 1/3/2001]
8. EDM [The Evening Session: 1/3/2001]

The BBC Sessions 1989-2001 Disc 2

1. Plateau [Mark Radcliffe 12/7/1995]
2. Oxbow Lakes [Mark Radcliffe 12/7/1995]
3. Towers Of Dub [Mark Radcliffe 12/7/1995]
4. Montagne D’Or (Der Gute Berg)[John Peel 14/2/1995]
5. Perpetual Dawn [Lamacq Live 12/10/1998]
6. Egnable [Lamacq Live 12/10/1998]
7. Assassin [Lamacq Live 12/10/1998]
8. Toxygene [Lamacq Live 12/10/1998]
9. Little Fluffy Clouds [Lamacq Live 12/10/1998]

Label: Universal Island Records, Format: File, MP3 320, Album Released:2008 Genre: Electronic

For those interested into the story behind the remastering, take a look at the blog below.
Mastering The Orb – Complete BBC Sessions

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  1. kris says:

    hmmm , yeah i agree – its cynical and transparent. embarrassing if it had anything to do with me which it dunt. all this remastering crap gets right up my nose, they never asked for my permission to do any of this and i wouldnt have given it.

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