22 Nov


Tycho – Dive


Tycho is San Fransisco artist and producer Scott Hansen. As Tycho, Hansen blends swirling melodies and stuttering beats into hazy yet triumphant arcs. Known in the design world as ISO50, Hansen is famed for his bucolic, sun-drenched design style, which serves as both a backdrop and mirror for his musical output. Dive, his second LP, is the most diverse musical statement of Hansen’s multi-medium career; the point where his skills as a performer finally catch up with his vaporized vision of a world that doesn’t belong to any particular time or place… but a world with double-exposed sonic landscapes constatly rolling into the horizon.


01. A Walk
02. Hours
03. Daydream
04. Dive
05. Coastal Brake
06. Ascension
07. Melanine
08. Adrift
09. Epigram
10. Elegy

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08 Jun


Red Snapper – Scale (EP)


Red Snapper – Scale (EP)

1. Jack 03:20
2. Undertow 04:57
3. Vlieland 02:42
4. Plaided Chimee (Plaid remix) 05:43

Download from their site (free, but requires mailing list subscription): http://redsnapper.bandcamp.com/

In preparation for the release of their new album “Key”, Red Snapper are releasing this free 4 track EP “Scale”. Featuring a track from the forthcoming album, an exclusive remix from Plaid as well as two exclusive tracks not found on the album. The pioneering UK band continue to break boundaries and invent new sounds whilst staying true to the unique energy that fans have always loved.

Formed in 1993, the band’s debut 1996 album “Prince Blimey” combined a unique use of traditional jazz instrumentation with a contemporary approach. However, it was their live show that impresses many and has influenced other “dance” artists to fuse acoustic instruments with electronic sounds on successive releases on Warp Records, “Making Bones” and “Our Aim is To Satisfy”. By 2001 the band had played and worked with artists including The Prodigy, David Holmes, Björk and The Fugees. However, finding themselves ushered in a commercial direction, the fiercely independent trio split from Warp, subsequently concentrating on solo projects before deciding to come together again resulting in their exciting new album ‘Key’.

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30 Aug


Minamo + Lawrence English – A Path Less Travelled


“As the title suggests, A Path Less Travelled is an auditory venture beyond the hinterland of the sound worlds inhabited by Minamo and Lawrence English. It’s a collection of rich texture, pulsing vibration and reflective melody. A compelling union of Minamo’s restrained instrumentalism and Lawrence English’s considered sense of space and harmony.

Recorded and produced in Tokyo and Brisbane, this edition is an exchange of mutual curiosity and open ended possibility. Rather than setting out with prescriptive or didactic ideals for their meeting, the musicians looked further afield for influences to shape their interactions. Field recordings, for example, played an important role in contouring the albums qualities and atmospheres. Locations removed and refocused, moments captured and redeployed.

Drawing on Minamo’s sense of pace and sonic spatiality, English devised a number of arrangement strategies to compress, accentuate and expand Minamo’s initial sketches. Carefully editing and adding to the refined and measured contributions, the record took shape over two years of gradual process led production.

A Path Less Travelled collects distant sonic smoke signals passed between one island and another.  via Room40

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26 Aug


The Orb Team Up With David Gilmour To Launch ‘Metallic Spheres’


England’s pioneering ambient house group the Orb has joined forces with David Gilmour, the legendary Pink Floyd member and solo artist, to release a new album, Metallic Spheres, on October 12 via Columbia. This fusion of minimal electronica and psychedelic rock was born when the Orb’s Alex Paterson and Gilmour came together to work on a version of the Graham Nash song “Chicago” for a charity project.

The pair found the work so invigorating that they continued to create music together, joining Gilmour’s electric guitar parts with the Orb’s spacey soundscapes to create a new, challenging work.

The upcoming album is split into two tracks—a “Metallic Side” and a “Spheres Side”—with each piece consisting of five distinct movements. The album will be available in three formats: standard and two-disc CD versions, digital download and 180-gram vinyl.

The two-CD version includes an extra disc, featuring the new 3D60 process, which gives a listener a 360-degree sound experience on stereo tracks when listened to on headphones. Apparently the 3D60 process allows for unlimited spatial audio with sounds coming from all around. It’s like Avatar for your ears!


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06 Aug


Brian Eno to Release New Album on WARP


Legendary producer Brian Eno is set to release his new album through equally legendary record label Warp.

Brian Eno is one of the most acclaimed producers in the music industry. With an art school background, the engineer’s forward thinking ideas have helped push many bands to the paths of greatness.

Fresh from working with U2 and Coldplay, Brian Eno has signed a record deal with Warp. The Sheffield imprint have scooped to nab the producer, who has apparently been working on a new album for some time.

Earlier this year Brian Eno curated a festival in Brighton which he used to expound his ideas of a ‘scenius’ – that musical ideas are filtered through collectives rather than individuals.

Lining up a team of respected producers, fans were able to watch as the ideas shifted and developed. Amongst the engineers recruited for the project was Underworld’s Karl Hyde and Jon Hopkins.

It seems that Hopkins is set to work with Brian Eno on his new album, re-uniting a partnership which has produced some fantastic work recently – the pair joined forces to help Coldplay produce ‘Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends’.

Now Brian Eno has signed to Warp Records to release the album. The label has helped foster a near unparalleled roster including seminal material from Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher and Boards Of Canada.

One of the foremost label’s in electronic music Warp can now add Brian Eno to their stellar roster.

Brian Eno is set to release a new album in November.